Game List

My library of games is getting bigger and bigger all the time! For now, here is a full list of games that we have done on my channel:

{PS3} Kingdom Hearts 2 (first let’s play series): DISCONTINUED – My first let’s play on my channel, a lot of it was done when I had shitty equipment and there wasn’t a consistency throughout. I ended up leaving it half way through because it wasn’t going well for me.

{PS3} Tales of Xillia (Suro’s First Let’s Play): FINISHED – Suro joined me in on this for the first time in this let’s play. I plan on doing a review of this eventually, and honestly, I couldn’t have beat it without her help. Suro is a major fan of the Tales of Series, and this one is probably one of her favorites. I enjoyed it, but it was a roller coaster of anger and feels that still remain.

{PS3} Okami: DISCONTINUED – Oh good lord, I LOVE the beauty of this game, but I ended up rage-quitting at the last third of the game because of the memory puzzles with the giant wall that blocks your path. Unless I had someone else do it, there was no way it was getting done. That’s the only problem with the game for me because I have an awful memory.

{PS3} Final Fantasy X: COMPLETED – One of my ultimate high school games and my first ever Final Fantasy, I love this game. Though I never finished it until this playthrough, I have a good knowledge of the beginning of the game and most of the treasures. It was a good one and made for a more relaxed experience for Suro and I to just goof off with.

{PS3} Eternal Sonata: HIATUS(???) – As pretty as this game is, I plan on doing a review of it where I say this much…I HATED EDITING THIS. The gameplay videos were just so boring and there wasn’t much we could talk about, plus the repetitive stuff got tiring after a while. So needless to say, this probably won’t come out of hiatus anytime soon.

{PS4} Life is Strange: COMPLETED – This was mainly a reason to get a reaction out of my good friend because she told me when we were talking about it, after I played it, that she really hated it. And it was worth the $30 I spent at Cheesecake factory as leverage for her cooperation 🙂

{PS3} Tales of Symphonia (Technically the second time I played it for the channel): HIATUS – This is my favorite Tales of game as of right now, even if it doesn’t hold up well nowadays. I do really enjoy it, but currently its on a hiatus because its a really long game. It was actually the true first series I ever uploaded on the channel, but due to the fact that it was before I knew what I was doing, I am happy I didn’t keep them. You can call them “lost episodes” or whatever.

{PS3} Kingdom Hearts 2 (Redo): HIATUS – Currently on Hiatus because I am super backed up right now with the other let’s plays that I will continue it probably really soon. But for now, its where it stands.

{PS3} Tales of Xillia 2: COMPLETED – One of Suro’s favorites. After finishing this, I am happy to say it was a pretty decent sequel overall! Sometimes I wanna cry and rip my heart out and stomp on it so I can’t feel anymore, but yeah, it was good.

{PC: Steam} Amnesia Memories: IN PROGRESS – Since we were playing mostly JRPGS on our channel, I decided to switch it up and play a visual novel (otome in this case or “dating sim for girls”). Our dorky voice acting and the fact that I haven’t done anything like it since Okami, we probably have most of our best moments of the year just from this series.

{PS4} Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc: COMPLETED – Guys, I found a series that might top some of them when it comes to video games. I REALLY enjoyed this game. I didn’t know what I was going to get when I saw it was coming out as Danganronpa 1-2 Reload for the PS4, but I am so glad I put my money on this game and got it! It has become a quick favorite of mine and I completed it really fast. More shitty voice acting, but its worth it 😀

{PS3} Catherine: IN PROGRESS – You can’t get much more fun than 2 girls replaying a game that can be hard as balls. Suro and I had to help each other beat this game when it came out in 2010 and we did. Coming back, its weird how much raging and panic can happen when watching someone else play!

{PS4} Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair: FILMING FINISHED – Guys…my heart hurts. I loved Danganronpa 1, and when I thought it couldn’t get any more crazy, painful, confusing and feely, OH BOY. I might have been angry in that game, but I never actually SOBBED while playing it. This game brought out emotions I haven’t felt. I am pretty embarrassed about a lot of this, but hey, it might make some kinda sadist happy 🙂

In the future, I plan on making a full list of my gaming library. That will help you guys figure out what I might play and review in the future. But games that Suro chooses will always be a surprise, you never know!