Promising I would keep up on things clearly isn’t my strongest suite. For about a month, I have had an increase in work (at my actual 9-5 job because I am an adult), and vacations happened because my sister came back to the USA from Italy for her work.

ANNNNNNNNND then I injured myself at work and now i have had some time to work on stuff. So YAY!

Further explanations for those who don’t watch my social media, my clumsy family traits kicked in in full at work this Friday and I was helping train someone in the dishwashing world. Leaving them i went to clean a thing and my manager told me to throw out a big ole cutting board. Attempting to do that first i went to trash it and when it was above my head it slipped out of my hands and fell onto my right toes. NOT THE FOOT, MIND YOU. THE LITERAL TOES. I broke one and bruised one of the other ones. So smart Kelliann has been off for about 5 days.

But in light of all of this, I not only was able to upload a few more things a day, but I also finished Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair as well as did one of the bonus features for your guys 😀 So i feel like I feel somewhat successful. As soon as DR1 is uploaded completely, that will be the immediate next solo one i am uploading.

Me and Suro have been dealing with life and haven’t fully been able to get together to record Catherine and finish the final Episodes of Amnesia. Hopefully sometime next week we will get together and finish at least Amnesia and get Catherine a few steps further.

Considering what we are thinking about for our next Let’s plays, I ended up getting the Nonary Games when they were out for PS4. We will probably be doing 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors (or just 999) next for another letsplay. I also today just purchased Akiba’s Beat by suggestion of the guys at Gamestop who are ALWAYS there when i go in. They are cool, but if it turns out to be a sucky game, its their fault i bought it lol. It also came with a plush! HOW CAN I NOT HAVE THE PLUSH?!

I will be updating things hopefully while i am off, including finishing my Kent route review i have been meaning to do (and its about 1/3 of the way written, just UGH FORGIVE ME). Hopefully more updates and stuff will be a thing in the coming month 🙂



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