I Won’t Buy the Nintendo Switch (because I’m weird)

As I sit back here and wait for the PS4 library to grow, I have been bombarded with Nintendo Switch stuff since the month before the release. And while I sit back and wait for the games I am super excited to play to come out and keep looking at new games to throw my money at, my friend kept trying to be an asshole and asking if my boyfriend was jealous at the fact that he had preordered his Switch and was gonna get to play the new Zelda game before him…of course my boyfriend was sick the 4th time he asked and went ballistic because he thought he was just being a douche now. But with how much I am hearing about it, I have come to the conclusion…

I don’t want to buy a Nintendo Switch. And I probably will never care enough about Nintendo ever again.

I owned a Wii back in the late 2000s and when the Wii U was announced, I didn’t really care that much. I saw how it looked, but took one look at the library and really didn’t want to play it. So until December of the last year, I never touched one until my boyfriend wanted to do co-op Mario. I do get my competitive side out slightly and we did have a good time.

Now my friend’s continuous talking about the Switch made me want to do more research into it. And after reading the stuff on it and finding out what it really was gonna be like, kinda like the Wii U, it didn’t really appeal to me. And when it was coming out and you HAD to have it preordered or you wouldn’t get one unless someone cancelled their order and THEN they would sell out in like 10 seconds, I felt like I have seen this before.

I really don’t like Nintendo much for their shitty selling game. I might not have been born in the 80s and might have been literally too young to speak in the early 90s when the Nintendo systems were out, but I have heard the dumb shit they pull. Even in the 80s, you might have stood in line or had to go to like 8 different stores to find a copy of Super Mario Bros 2, and even then you wouldn’t be guaranteed one because Nintendo was a dick and NEVER send enough for the masses to have.

Hell, I remember back when the Wii was coming out, because it was revolutionary, they never had enough because people would want them so bad. If you waited a year or even probably a half a year, you would have no trouble getting one, but by then, people would be over that really cool game that was released on launch and you’d probably see spoilers.

Now, I went to a school where I had marketing classes and learned a bit about that kind of stuff. And through my own life, I can see how Nintendo makes its money by teasing people who couldn’t get one in time and making them wait forever to be able to have the opportunity while millions of other people are enjoying theirs. In a way, its smart. And there are so many hardcore Nintendo fans  (like your kid brother or your little cousin) who will be more likely to want to play these. Thing is that it was smart when the Wii came out, as it was kind of a tool to bond with family and friends by playing these games together and having fun. For the casual gamer, this system was ok, but there were problems from experience that made me not want to buy another system.

For one, it was kinda shitty. You know it was a cool novelty, and it was fun to play at parties with family (my sister and I played a shit ton of Cooking Mama with everyone during Thanksgiving one year, and we LOVED Smash Bros Brawl), but when you were playing one player, it was kinda dull. The games that came out, besides a couple like Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Smash and Cooking Mama for us, were kinda dull to me. If I had to choose between my PS2/3 or the Wii for single player, I will always go with PlayStation.

The other thing is that, looking back on it now, and even with the Wii U and Switch, Nintendo has ALWAYS been behind in the graphics department, the last real time being ahead with the 64. The Switch even only is 720p in general. HD really hasn’t been that great for them sadly, and it continues to this. Every system runs graphically one generation or 2 behind and my boyfriend and I discussed it previously. And I understand why that is, but I would have to go into the topic of gameplay or graphics decision in game creating.

I know with the graphics thing I sound like a fanboy who cares too much about the minute things, because most people care more about story and characters and gameplay in general. I can appreciate people like that. And most of the time, and I mean MOST of the time, I am the same way. But I also appreciate pretty things and models and landscapes and things that really immerse me. But when I can play either the Xbox or the PS4, that run at solid 1080p with 60fps, I would probably go with that. So long as the game isn’t too ambitious like Final Fantasy XV (more on that in another post), I usually will feel better playing something that runs better and faster. But that’s my preference, you do you.

The last thing that makes me tired, is that because I mainly grew up with Mario, the other games really don’t appeal to me that much. Suro tried to introduce me to Ocarina of Time, but honestly, it would probably have resonated with me more if I had grown up loving that game. To unpopular opinion, I really really REALLY don’t care about Legend of Zelda at all. The story and timeline, while kinda like Kingdom Hearts, is confusing and so many of the games just don’t appeal to me. But the difference to why I love KH in comparison if you decide to say “but then why do you like KH if it’s confusing?” is this: Kingdom Hearts is a series that has something I love in it, which obviously if you know me, is the presence of Disney worlds/characters. Thing about Nintendo is I only really grew up with Mario, so of course that will have my nostalgia goggles on, but other games like Kirby, Zelda, or anything like that don’t really hold a place for me.

BUT that isn’t to say I don’t have an appreciation for the other Nintendo games in general. Me and the friend who my boyfriend is now saying is a douche, Yuki, who also lives a train ride from NYC, went to the Nintendo World store when I went to visit last July, and I enjoyed it a lot. Lots of pictures and a video of us talking to Mario in a cute little interactive thing that they had, I did enjoy seeing all the stuff they had the cool things to see in the store.13680720_10154277248838788_1137529010731184107_n

Nintendo really has made a large impact on the world and brought people like me such joy at such a young age and made me the gamer that I am today. Honestly if I am with my boyfriend, I can play any Nintendo game I want because my wonderful Computer Science Majoring person thing has hacked every digital Nintendo System including the 3DS, now being able to play any game from old or new. I also want to say I am SUPER out of practice with those games.

As much frustration as the company can be, and the fact that I know they are trying to landmark their products again, because before the Wii U died, they were barely competing with our 2 buddies, the glorious Sony baby and the computer sized thing that I won’t buy anymore because I don’t want the CIA watching me. I know the Nintendo Switch will probably do really really well and hopefully will get to live a full life cycle, but I won’t be putting my money towards it anytime soon. If I get to play it, I’ll probably talk about it later.

If you love Nintendo, don’t let my opinion break that. I won’t judge you for buying the Switch at all. Let me know if you recommend it!




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