Why I Became more Game-Savy Lately

I feel like this is fitting for a first post that people will see. So I guess I’ll start out with this message: I have ALWAYS been around gaming. My earliest memories are of my mom and dad playing head-to-head Mario 3 and teaching me and my sister how to play Duck Hunt on our original NES back in the 90s. I wasn’t born when the original systems came out, but I was still introduced to them pretty early. My parents also did a load of computer gaming when that was the thing. I remember Time Commando, and then the normal kid stuff from the 90s from Humongous Entertainment and the Jump Start games, as well as the NES.

I have to say that I remember those games very well, which is probably what ended up getting me and my sister on the path to appreciate the medium in its truest form. I ended up skipping many consoles through when I was younger. I never played another Nintendo system til the Wii, I started with an Xbox (but it was a mistake when I saw no Kingdom Hearts on there. I always knew that game would be my favorite), and I ended up setting myself as a PlayStation girl when I got the 2 the summer of my Freshman year of high school. Ironically, me and Suro bonded over our love of Naruto, KH and Final Fantasy in our first year of high school together. We both introduced each other to a lot of our favorite games (I got her into Persona and she got me into Tales of), so I guess it was all meant to be? It really feels like it 🙂

But as of lately, gaming has gotten me going more and more because of my now half hatred towards the community on my real channel and the fact that I just have a really good time editing videos and uploading them to my gaming channel. I also have my boyfriend to thank for getting me back into being a real gamer. When he and I met up for the first time in November, he showed me the demo to Resident Evil 7, and I’m glad he did because it was something I super uber enjoyed, as well as me working on Final Fantasy XV and him keeping me up-to-date with all the stuff going on behind the scenes and with what the updates would be. If it wasn’t for Suro and him, I wouldn’t have ended up getting so into the stuff I am right now. I am having a better time knowing what I know and putting my money towards more entertaining purposes.

So yeah, this was the plan to create this blog and in general, my channel. So much stuff is helping me get through life at the moment and currently, while waiting on more games to be released for us in the next couple of years, I am excited thoroughly. I am trying currently to decide on what I want to write for my first REAL gaming post. I feel like it is gonna take a while to write a proper review (or any opinionated post in general, since I gotta get my ideas together). So I think I will end up starting on that kinda stuff soon. I am debating as well to do a video along with my written review…so we will see how much time I have for that.

So until next time! I am gonna try to complete a post at least once a week. I hopefully can keep to that for a little bit. Enjoy your day and hope to see you soon!



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