GameStop Lovins + Future Preorders on My List!

I differ with some people in opinions, debating on whether preordering is right or not because companies like GameStop give you that option and you never know what you’ll be getting when a game comes out first and if you’ll even enjoy it. But I really don’t mind doing it. I preorder what I can at GameStop because, unlike my boyfriend who paid to get Amazon Prime and preorders them and gets them shipped, because I don’t always wanna wait for a game in case the site was to screw up my order. Since we have been dating, there have been 2 or so times when he didn’t end up getting the shipping that he wanted, and had to wait (not so bad for me to get a head start on them :P). So yeah, the benefit of being able to drive to the store which is less than 10 minutes away from me and go into the store and do the thing, it works for me just fine.

I like GameStop, even though some people say otherwise, it always is a joy to go to the store and talk to the guys behind the counter. But while we are on that subject, I have a really funny story from the day before Valentine’s Day. I went to GameStop to buy something for the boyfriend, and of course, I had no idea what I was looking for and ended up just looking for a few minutes. The kid behind the counter (who I always end up chatting with when I am there), asked me if I needed help. I guess I didn’t word myself properly because I said I was looking for my man and I didn’t know what I was looking for.

He asked me, “Do you play video games?” And of course I had to correct myself. I know so many SJW would have had a field day about how sexist and misogynistic it was to assume gender roles or whatever *insert eyeroll here*, but we ended up having a nice conversation about Final Fantasy and our favorite games in the series before I ended up just buying a PSN subby for him and left with nothing else.

I love the nice guys who help out there. They are always willing and able to give me the stuff I need. So for the boys who work at both the GameStops in Cranberry, PA, I give you guys a gold star 🙂

But this article wasn’t to rate my experience at the stores (even though I could probably send this article to the yelp page for them to check out :D), the real reason I wanted to make this was because I wanted to talk about games coming up in the next few months that I have already preordered. I wanna make a video on it, but just don’t have the time right now to do so. For now, I will just put them here! YAY!

{PS4} Danganronpa 1.2 Reload – Yeah this one comes out like next week so I feel like I had to talk about it. I literally just preordered this not to long ago. I heard it was a really popular series, and not owning a PSVita didn’t help, so naturally I overlooked it for a long time. But that didn’t stop stuff online from being spoiled just by being present, so I knew the bad guy of the first game already. But I love visual novels and the Phoenix Wright series, so this naturally seemed like it would be a good fit for me. Of course I wanted to see if I was even gonna like the game, so I decided I wouldn’t mind spoiling the first chapter of the first game to see how this stuff plays out. And surprisingly, the ending execution of the first trial really stuck with me and somehow disturbed me which is REALLY hard to do. As soon as this game comes out, I will be doing a let’s play on it, semi-blind (I say “semi” because I at this point know who dies and lives and the end baddy). But for the 2nd game, I know nothing pretty much expect the things youtube somehow spoiled for me, so that one will be monstly blind.

{PS4} Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 Remix – If you know me, you will know my love for the Kingdom Hearts series extends beyond my existence. So naturally I will be buying the HD remix for the PS4. I pretty much placed my money down on it as I was buying the 2.8 game. Need I really say more?

{PS4} Persona 5 – I’m pretty confident that this game is gonna be exactly what Persona fans want from the series now that it will have the same graphics as Catherine with the play style we know and love. I ADORE Persona. I got into the games at 3 and Suro bought me 4 as a present for a Secret Santa party when it first came out (she is best friend). So after waiting this long for something that I was hoping for, it will be out the week of Tekko. Sadly I wont have much time to put into it since it will be out that Tuesday and we will be down at the con on Thursday. But as soon as my next day off after that comes, I’ll be fully invested!

{PS4} Danganronpa: Another Episode Ultra Despair Girls – Yes, I went to GameStop yesterday and ended up preordering this and the V3 Killing Harmony as well because I feel like I won’t be able to stop myself from continuing as time goes on if I don’t. But yes, this I actually didn’t realize was coming out to the PS4 and ended up spoiling the full story for myself (oops). But Needless to say I will want to play it anyways for the full story since I basically just got the basic jist without much meat. But I will probably be ready to enjoy it right after SDR2.

{PS4} Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony – I have been DESPERATELY trying to avoid spoilers for this game. Since I know so much about the story of the other ones, including right out ending up spoiling the games for me, It doesn’t mean I don’t want to enjoy them. But THIS is what I want to avoid. I want to not know anything about the deaths or executions at all. I want to be fully surprised and make my speculations at the end of the other DR games. The hard thing is that its already out in Japan and wont be out until about September, so its super hard. But from what I can see, it looks really neat. I want to try the demo, which I might do at a later date. Til then, gonna close my eyes when looking through tags and videos lol

{PS4} Kingdom Hearts 3 – Ah, infamy. The game that we’ve waited forever for, but keep getting barely any info. I am super ready for this game to release, but we always get more details about how its taking more time and stuff. But I can’t stay mad. After playing Birth By Sleep 0.2, I was more than satisfied and willing to say “ok they worked really hard on this, it will be ok”. The graphics were gorgeous and the gameplay was smooth and fun. So, yeah, I will be happy when it comes out, because I know its in good hands.

{PS4} God of War – ~One of these, is not like the other~ As you all know from gameplay on our channel and otherwise, I am very into JRPGs and anime in general, but that isn’t to say I don’t have other interests for franchises outside of Japan. I love things like Assassins Creed and God of War. Which is why I was so excited during E3 last year to see the new trailer for the new game in the GOW franchise. Kratos is one of my favorite badasses in gaming. Even though he’s a douche and brought chaos to the word, you cant help but feel awesome playing those games. I am not sure how it will feel in the new game and with a new saga coming in, but hopefully I will get to enjoy this game really nicely when it finally releases. WHOOT!

As far as I remember (and my memory displeases me all the time), these games are what I am looking forward to most right now. Of course games are popping up all the time and new release dates and trailers for games that are awesome and exciting will be out before you know it. And E3 2017 should be super promising. So I hope to see some extra trailers for games that I will be putting down on my “list of WAAAAAANT”.


New Let’s plays will be coming out really soon as well. I continue to fall behind on gaming stuff because I work a regular job as well as do this stuff. As far as I know, we should be done with Tales of Xillia 2 in a few weeks. There might be some days I upload more than 1 episode per series per day and might bump it up to 4 or even 6 instead of 2. It really just depends on how much I got going on and stuff. Two Fangirls Play will have Catherine as our next let’s play for the 2 of us, and once I get DanganRonpa 1.2 Reload, I’ll be working on the first game. From what weve seen while recording Catherine, seems like there will be some really dumb angry moments getting futher in. I rage-quit sometimes, yall just never see it 🙂

Soon I’ll be also starting my first review. I am thinking about working on individual Amnesia Memories Routes. because BOOOOOOY I wanna talk about the Toma route and why I freaked out so bad at the end of it. So yeah, look forward to that soon!

Alright I hope you guys have a fantastic day guys!



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