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Welcome you guys, Kelliann here to talk to you! I feel like I have been wanting to do something for our gaming channel KelliSnowKoneGaming for about a year, because on my main channel, I have a few Social Media accounts mainly for me, but nothing for my gaming channel. While my gaming channel doesn’t have a following like my main channel does, my passion for gaming has been outweighing my love for BDSM (due to so many people’s opinions on my channel causing me issues). So to have something to work on for my other channel, I created this blog where I plan on talking about the gaming channel itself, analyzing games and characters, doing reviews of games we finished so I can get my full opinion about it into text with straight thoughts and criticism after the ending set with me for a bit and just talking about what is going on with me and Suro when we aren’t gaming (Things like conventions and just regular BFF stuff).


Our Current Channel Trailer

Temporarily Kelliann's solo playthrough of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Reaction video. In June, I will be making our 6 Month Recap and that will take the place of this video. For the time being, enjoy this and BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!